Monday, 1 December 2014

Final Newsletter - Round 4, The Welsh Trail Running Series

The dark nights and dropping temperatures can only mean one thing, Round 4 of The Welsh Trail Running Series is almost here. Once again it has proven to be the most popular round of the year and will be our largest field of all time, you are all mad!

Entries will close Wednesday so you have one final chance to grab a place.

Information regarding event HQ location, registration, start times, cut-off times for the Ultra distance, maps and up to date entry list can all be found on the event website


You will receive your race number, pins and a map on waterproof paper for checkpoint references etc. To clarify, this isn’t intended as a navigational event, but the map will be useful to pace yourself, check out contours and work out your water strategy etc.

The Ultra and Marathon Route

As some of you have already discovered the section through the forestry down to CP3 has been made more interesting due to forestry work. We do have permissions to use this section and there is a chance it may get cleared before the weekend, then again it may not. This being the case you will get a chance to take on our obstacle course section at no extra cost!

The Marathon and Trail Route

There has been some minor tweaks following a run over the routes at the weekend, updated maps and GPX files are on the website.

Kit List

Please review the kit list and ensure you have all compulsory items. These should be considered the minimum and you should review the items on the advisory list and decide which would be suitable for your level of experience and the time you will be out on the hill. This is not the time of year to be taking chances. 

Be warned there will be kit checks and you will not be allowed to start if you cannot demonstrate you have all compulsory items with you. 

If you are taking on the Ultra and will be out in the dark (most of you) a decent headtorch will make a massive difference. Headtorch technology has come on a great deal and a decent headtorch can now be picked up for a very sensible price. Any questions on kit choices get in touch now using or via our Facebook page.


Those of your who know our events will recognise we have knack of ordering interesting weather. Round 2 this year caught many of you out despite the warnings, we saw more retirements and potentially dangerous situations due to poor kit choices then ever before and that was May! 

Please keep an eye on the forecast and re-visit your kit choices as necessary. If we see that you are obviously struggling to stay warm and do not have sufficient kit we will retire you for your own safety. Top tip, don't wait until you are on an exposed part of the course and getting cold before reaching for the extra layers, at this stage you will struggle to get kit on and get even colder trying. Plan ahead and remember it is better to be to warm then to cold, especially in the Welsh Mountains in December! 

The forecast at the moment looks pretty good but cold with possible snow on the tops, it can change very quickly, use the link below to keep a track of changing conditions.

mountain weather forecast

Entry List

We introduced an on-line registration form earlier this year to remove the need for paper forms at registration. Some of you have managed to bypass it! Could you please review the entry list and if there is an 'Amber ?' against the veteran column we have not be able to match your entry to a registration form. Secondarily if your name appears a second time in Amber you have entered more than once but we don't know who for. In the first case please complete the registration form using the link below, in the second scenario please send us the name of the second person using and please ask the individual to complete the form. Paper forms will be available at registration but it will be busy so the more of you who registrar in advance the better!


There is limited parking at the centre. There is additional plentiful parking available approx. 300 meters from the event centre up the road towards the village on the right hand side in the cattle market (look for signs). It is about a 5 min walk back to the centre. If you are staying at the centre, can we kindly ask you to drop you things off and move your vehicle up to the ‘official car park’ and not park on the pavements and /or in the road. This is to ensure that the Start / Finish areas remains clear at all times and also to keep on the right side of the law who have always been very supportive of our events.


If you have to retire before completion of the event, please do so either at a checkpoint or inform us of your actions so that you can be accounted for. Contact numbers are printed on the maps.

Please, Please, Please, do not just disappear without notifying a member of the organisation of your actions as we assume that you are missing.

Food Before & After the race

After our continued search for a caterer we have teamed up with local company Prickly Pear, who not only will be providing awesome food but raising money for a fantastic cause in the process, details below; 

Menu - From 06.30am 

Bacon rolls – 2 rashers of maple cured back bacon in large roll with sauces of your choice - £3

Porridge – add your own dried fruit…honey…golden syrup…brown sugar - £2

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate - £1.20

Menu - From 12 Noon 

Cassoulet – a rich and spicy casserole with chicken, slow roast pork belly, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, cannellini beans and haricot beans - £6.50

Welsh Tartiflette – sliced potatoes cooked in creamy b├ęchamel sauce with onions, garlic, smoked bacon, leeks and colliers cheddar - £6

Veggie chilli with puy lentils and Mediterranean vegetables, loaded on to tortilla chips and topped with grated cheddar, home-made avocado salsa and sour cream -£6

Sean’s chocolate brownies - The best chocolate brownies you will ever taste. Doesn’t contain nuts - £2

Fruity nutty awesome flapjacks. Might just contain nuts! - £2

Sticky mejool date toffee pudding with fudgy caramel sauce and extra thick cream. The perfect runners rehab and tastes GREAT! - £4 

The Good Cause

Students from Crickhowell High School have embarked upon an 18 month Personal Development journey that will lead them from a picturesque Welsh Village in the heart of the Brecon Beacons to Nancholi, a village close to the bustling township of Blantyre, in southern Malawi, East Africa 12,000 Kms away!

In November 2013 they took part in a 2 day Personal Development Workshop run by The Touchstone Foundation. The workshop is designed for 16 – 18 year olds to explore self-perceptions, perceptions of others, personal impact and to start to look at what is important to them.

Following the workshop the students were offered the opportunity to travel to Nancholi, in the summer 2015. While there, they will be immersed in the local life style and culture and work with the Girls Voice Trust, part of the Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO). Girls Voice Trust works to raise the profile of young women within the local culture. This is achieved by creating small business initiatives which will enable women to support their families, their communities and themselves through education. During their stay, the Crickhowell students will also be involved with working with the NAYO whose activities offer support to the most disadvantaged members of the community, helping with healthcare, education, orphan care, feeding programmes, home-based care for those suffering with HIV/AIDS, youth awareness…

To take part in this amazing opportunity, each student (and the leaders) have to raise £2000. This will be achieved by working and sponsored events.
This is another great opportunity to learn and, for most, the first steps towards entrepreneurship.

We would like to thank Might contain nuts for giving us the opportunity to raise money by selling our food at their endurance race.


Post Race Massage

A local sports masseur will be offering his services post event. There is no better way to speed up recovery than a post race pit stop to get the recovery process kick started. You will be able to book your slot on the day.

Other things

Entries are open for 2015 and there are some fantastic early bird offers, take a look at the event website for more information.

If we are not seeing you next weekend have a great Xmas and New Year and hope to see you in 2015.


The MCN Team.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Newsletter - Round 3, The Welsh Trail Running Series

Hello All,

Round 3 of The Welsh Trail Running Series is not to far away now, as such a short newsletter to communicate some important information and considerations.

Start-line Logistics - Highest priority is travel logistics. What makes Round 3 very different to most events is the liner natural of the courses. Depending on the category you have entered you will start 50, 26, 10 miles approx. away from the finish and event HQ, this provides a real sense of a journey.

For this reason you need to consider how you will get to the start-line of your event. We do provide an optional transport option which will take you from Event HQ / Finish to the start of your event, the thinking being you leave your vehicle at the finish! Most people will take up this cost effective option, if you haven't already you need to book your place ASAP please use this link.

If you are not going with this option then you need to get yourself to the start of the event and ensure you have considered how you will get home from the finish!

Starts - The Ultra will start as before at Llangurig, GR908 798, Car Park. The Marathon will start as before at Llanwrthwl, GR974 638, Village Hall. The Trail will start from the Twmpath checkpoint, GR073 438, Road / Track junction.

Registration - As per the event website here. Please note coach leaving times and event start times as well (they are different for each event).

Food - Our struggle to find a regular caterer goes on, the accommodation kitchen (very well equipped) is available to competitors if you wish to organise some food. Failing that there are pub and take-away options within a short drive.

Accommodation - Beds still available, you can book yours here. Many of our regulars are staying, they are a great bunch, make a weekend of it and join the party!

Enter - There is still time to enter, there are 10, 26 and 50 mile options. Photos can be viewed here for an appreciation of the terrain and courses, they are stunning. You can still enter here.

See you soon.

The MCN Team.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Final Newsletter - The Welsh Ultra / Marathon / Trail Running Series - Round 1

WHEN: Saturday March 22nd 2014

EVENTS: Ultra Marathon - 40 Miles / Marathon - 26 Miles / Trail Run - 10 Miles

REGISTRATION: Tower Hotel, The Square, Talgarth, Powys, Wales. LD3 0BW - Friday March 21st 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Town Hall (opposite Tower Hotel) - Saturday March 22nd: 6:30am – 7:45am. 

Latitude 51:59:46N (51.99604) Longitude 3:13:57W (-3.23246) Grid Reference SO154337

RACE START: Ultra 08:00 / Marathon and Trail 08:15

PARKING: Is approx. 5 minute walk from Tower Hotel & Town Hall – parking in the town square is hard to come by and NOT advised. There will NOT be parking available at the Tower Hotel.

CHANGING & KIT: If desired you will be able to get changed in the Town Hall (opposite Tower Hotel). There are separate changing rooms for men and women and you may leave kit there until after the event. Please note that there are no showers at the finish unless you are staying at The Tower Hotel.

FOOD: Bacon rolls, toast and coffees are available Saturday morning. After midday food is available at the Tower Hotel - it is also a pub and has some fantastic ales which they brew on the premises and has won some prestigious awards in recent years – well recommended!

ROUTES: All of the routes are very nearly all off road and tricky underfoot in certain sections. Please ensure that you have footwear appropriate for off road conditions.

*Please be aware that routes may alter if weather conditions dictate but it takes a lot for this to happen – a bit of rain and some wind does not count!

KIT: Must be adhered to in all classes. Please ensure that you have all the required kit. Assume that you need everything including options such as waterproof trousers. We won’t have an accurate view of the weather until the day in question when we can make a final decision. Head torch and waterproof trousers will be compulsory for ultra, regardless of the forecast.

Failure to comply could mean disqualification from the event. Random kit checks are possible. This is for your safety.

Ultra kit list can be downloaded here.
Marathon kit list can be downloaded here.
Trail kit list can be downloaded here.

CUT OFF: For the Ultra there is a cut-off at CP6 @ 16:00 / 25 miles in 8 hours.

SMILE: As usual our fantastic photographer Jon will be chasing around the hills in a quest for the perfect shot! Photographs will be available after the event. For as taste of Jon’s results to date and a view of what you might be in for check out his work here:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us (preferably not on Friday night!) if you have any further questions or queries at

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Final Newsletter - Wye One Way 50 Ultra and Trail Marathon

Just one week to go until the Grand Day Out! Signage is already starting to go out in some places of the course. Recent rainfall has meant that the summer dust has definitely disappeared and true to form mud in places is guaranteed. Weather conditions for the forthcoming week look fairly mild and settled.

You can keep an eye on the weather forecast here

Please check out the minimum kit list requirements and make sure you conform as we don’t want you to be in the embarrassing situation of not being able to take part

Compulsory kit list here

We have had a strong response to the event and as such there are limited numbers still available for transport and accommodation. If you still require either of these options then please confirm or book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will be closing both options on the evening of Tuesday 8th

Please check your entry and ensure your booked options are represented quickly, if you spot an error please let us know ASAP and we will get it corrected.

Final entry list for the ultra can be found here.

Final entry list for the trail marathon can be found here.

Please note that we will not take any further bookings after this time. If you have not booked transport by this time then we are assuming you will be finding your own way to the start.

Registration is available as follows;

For the Ultra Marathon
Fri evening, 18:30 to 21:00 at Woodlands House, HR3 5LP 
Sat morning, 05:00 to 05:45 at Woodlands House. HR3 5LP
Sat morning 06:00 to 07:00 at Llangurig Car Park (The Start, SN 908 796)
Organised transport leaves Woodland House at 06:00 Sharp!

For the Trail Marathon
Fri evening, 18:30 to 21:00 at Woodlands House, HR3 5LP
Sat morning 09:00 to 09:45 Llanwrthwl village Hall (The Start, SN 974 638)
Organised transport leaves Woodland House at 09:00 Sharp!

Please do not arrive at Woodlands House before 17:30 on Friday as school groups will be vacating the building and you will be requested to wait in your car until they have left.

As part of the registration process you will be required to fill out 2 pieces of paperwork. It would be appreciated particularly if you are registering in the morning for the ultra marathon that you bring the forms already completed to save time and faff.
  • Entry Form can be downloaded here
  • Compulsory Kit List can be downloaded here

Q: Do I really have to take all the compulsory kit? (It has been asked!!!)
A: Mmmmm … a clue is in the ‘compulsory bit’ ….. YES!

Q: Can I leave bags at the start?
A: A small bag can be left in the designated vehicle at the start of the Ultra or the village hall for the Trail marathon start. Bags should be no bigger than 15L and we cannot guarantee the return of any lose items.

Q: Will the bags find their way back to the finish?
A: Yes, but might be an idea to make sure that they are properly marked. There is a small possibility of you arriving at the finish before your bag if the vehicle is diverted to deal with an incident.

Q: Can I leave a drop bag on route or have mates hand out food?
A: The official answer is “No” as you need to be self sufficient rather than relying on others whom in their best interests might not be able to find you. The odd jelly baby here and there is deemed acceptable.

Q: Can we buy stuff on route?
A: Theoretically possible but as above not to be relied on and not deemed to be in the spirit of the event – the only town is Builth Wells and you’ll have to go off course to find a shop in any case.

Q: Will there be kitchen or food to use?
A: Yes, there will be meals available on the Friday evening and on the Saturday afternoon and evening. There will be great portions at reasonable prices so you might want a few quid handy. If you want to cook your own you can but you need to supply all ingredients in this respect. 

Please note that you will need to make your own breakfast arrangements on the Saturday morning if you are up early enough you are welcome to use the facilities.

Q: Will there be toilets at the start?
A: Yes, At the Ultra there will be approx. 3 portaloos. The Marathon will have slightly posher options at the Village Hall. 

Q: Will there be beer at the finish?
A: Unfortunately not as we’re not licensed but feel free to bring a few “swifty’s”. We were hoping that the local refurbished pub might be open in time but looks like we’re still a month away from completion. There is however another in Glasbury village about a mile and a half away.

Q: Is bedding provided?
A: Yes, everything is provided but of course you can bring your own.

If you do have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch but please be aware that the sooner the better as towards the end of the week we may struggle to get back to you as we’ll be busy laying the course out.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Newsletter - Wye One Way 50 & Wye Valley Trail Marathon

Hopefully all competitors in either the The Wye One Way 50 Ultra or The Wye Valley Trail Marathon received the news of the date change. The date for both events is the 12th October.

Accommodation option;

Race HQ Woodlands House will make an excellent centre for the weekend and two nights accommodation (Friday & Saturday) can be booked at a total cost of £35. Why not make a weekend of it and include a recovery walk in the local Black Mountains, a boat trip down the River Wye or maybe a visit to local towns Brecon or Hay on Wye, all within 5 to 30 mins of HQ.

Transport Options;

If you have not already we would urge you to seriously consider your transport plans to the start of the event. What makes both events different from most is the liner course and the sense of a journey this provides. The organised transport options will leave Woodlands House (the finish) in good time to get you to the start. The cost is probably less than the cost of petrol and removes all of the logistical challenge. Transport can be booked here for both events. The coaches for the Ultra will leave Woodlands House at 06:00 for a 07:30 start. The coach for the Trail Marathon will leave Woodlands House at 09:00 for a 10:00 start.

Registration is available as follows;

For the Ultra;

Fri evening, 18:30 to 21:00 at Woodlands House.
Sat morning, 05:00 to 05:45 at Woodlands House.
Sat morning, 06:00 to 07:00 at Llangurig Car Park (The Start)
Organised transport leaves Woodland House at 06:00.

For the Trail Marathon;

Fri evening, 18:30 to 21:00 at Woodlands House.
Sat morning, 09:00 to 09:45 at Llanwrthwl (The Start)
Organised transport leaves Woodland House at 09:00.

Series Points update;

The Wye One Way 50 Ultra is round 3 of 4 and will go a long to shaping the series competition this year. To qualify for a series ranking you must complete 3 of the 4 rounds or all four in which case your best 3 points totals of the series will count. Your points total is calculated based on your time relevant to everyone else racing on the day, plus bonus points for a podium finish. Series scores from the first two rounds can be found here.

Entries available;

Entries are still available for both the The Wye One Way 50 and Wye Valley Trail Marathon and can be booked here.

Please note entries for The Ultra Brecon 40 - Winter have surpassed the 200 limit, we have extended entries to allow for drop outs but will be closing entries soon. If you want to be on the startline don't hang around!

Retail update;

With summer now behind us we are having a clear out resulting in some great bargains including 30% off all Craft, 20% of all trail & barefoot shoes, 25% off all Camelbak, 20% off all tents, up to 25% off sleeping bags, 20% off all Mountain Hardwear, up to 30% off OMM and 25% off all Extremities. As a competitor past or present you are entitled to a further 10% off using discount code ' MCN_10% '. There are some great deals take a look here

There will be a final newsletter nearer the event with any last minute updates, in the meantime hope your training is going well and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or our Facebook page.

See you in October.

The Might Contain Nuts Team.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

URGENT Breaking News! Date change for the 'Wye One Way 50' and 'Wye Valley Trail Marathon'

This is not a decision we have taken lightly however the next round of the Welsh Ultra Running Series and the Wye Valley Trail Marathon of 2013 is to be changed from October 5th to October 12th

Despite being confirmed we recently received news that our planned event HQ is no longer an option. This is due to external reasons beyond our control and is not related in any way to MCN or our involvement there in previous years. We have desperately attempted to stick to the same date and find an alternative venue which works to provide minimal change and disruption but after exhausting all potential options have eventually had to succumb to the fact that we either have to cancel the event or change the date. Regulars of our events will know that cancelling an event will always be a last resort thus the decision to change the date to October 12th.

For those of you who can’t make the revised October 12th date we can only profusely apologise and offer you a complete refund (or free transferable entry into Round 4 in the Brecon Beacons on December 7th). On the positive note you may now have one week extra in which to train!

The new venue will be Woodlands Outdoor Centre again at Glasbury less than ½ mile from our original venue. It is a similar type of set up to Glasbury House and accommodation options will continue as they have been previously. Please note that accommodation options are now available again after we dropped the option until we could establish the revised HQ.

The 50 mile ultra course will remain largely unchanged though there are some small changes to drop yet another couple of miles of tarmac from the route which makes it approximately 80% off road and the tarmac that does exist is limited to shorter sections of quiet back lanes where there is simply no alternative.

The Ultra will start from Llangurig as before (GRID SN 908 796) at 7am. Coaches will leave Woodlands at Glasbury at 6am sharp. Please note that this is a linear route. The start and finish are approx 50 miles apart! Note that transport is an additional option that must be booked prior to the event for £8. If you are have not booked transport it is assumed that you have your own method of getting to the start.

The Trail Marathon option will start – you guessed it! -26 miles north of Glasbury from the village of Llanwrthwl (GRID SN 974 638) at 10am. The start and finish are approx 26 miles apart! Transport for the trail marathon option will leave Woodlands at 9am sharp. The Trail Marathon Route follows the same final 26 miles as the Ultra Route.

There will be further newsletters and information available with regards some of the finer detail of both the Wye One Way  50 and the Wye Valley Trail Marathon. In the meantime and once again our sincere apologies for the date change and any disruption it has caused. We will do everything in our power to help accommodate and resolve any issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Best Wishes

Might Contain Nuts

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Final Newsletter - The Welsh Adventure Racing Series - Round 2

First of all a “Hats off” to you for taking the plunge and signing up to what promises once again to be a truly epic day out! We notice that there as some familiar names in the mix as well as some new ones. All of us here at Might Contains Nuts wish you all a very warm welcome.

This round explores some of the more intricate parts of the Brecon Beacons National Park and in particular the lesser known Black Mountains which has been a favourite ‘back garden’ for our training for more years than we care to remember. The terrain is tough and gnarly in places with lots of contours which will provide a challenge, particularly for those seeking the more remote checkpoints. There will however, be some less demanding options for those new to adventure racing.

All of the stages are compulsory and competitors must collect a minimum of 1 checkpoint from each stage. Failure to do so will incur a 200 point penalty. For the whole event there will be a maximum of 2000 points on offer but it is not expected that the course will be cleared!

Maximum time allocated is 12 hours. (Or 6 hours if this option is selected)

The aim is to gain as many points as possible in the allocated time.

Any time over this limit will incur penalties of 5 points per minute. Controls will range from 10 – 100 depending on their perceived difficulty in obtaining them!

The highest score in the allocated time wins!


Saturday 27th July from 06:45 until 08:00.

Maps will be distributed at 07:15.

12 hour Start Time: 08:30, New Court Farm. 12 hour Finish Time: 20:30, New Court Farm.

6 hour Start Time: 08:30, New Court Farm. 6 hour Finish Time: 14:30 New Court Farm.

Entry List

Please check the entry list here to ensure your entry / category is listed correctly, if not please contact us ASAP as this may effect the boats we have available, thanks.

HQ and how to get there:

The event registration start & Finish is at the lovely New Court Camp Site only a mile or so from the base of the Black Mountains. Please report to reception upon arrival. As well as our HQ it is also a campsite so feel free to bring a tent and pitch up the night before or perhaps stay on after the event (cost of camping not included and must be paid direct to campsite owners).

Newcourt Farm Campsite, Felindre, Three Cocks, Brecon, Powys, LD3 0SS

There are hot showers (for 50p) always loads of change available and obviously there is a camping option if you want it and we already know that many of you have sorted out. There is also a lovely country pub less than a mile away (Three Horse Shoes Inn) which is well worth a visit and bearing in mind it has some great ales on tap is probably more suited to the Saturday night for those that are easily swayed. 


The route is a very demanding one both in terms of hills and conditions under foot. Weather will also play an important factor in how challenging the route on the day is. There will be some sharp rates of ascent and descent with some slippery and technical sections present in places.

You will require a decent tread on whatever footwear you decide to use and similarly bike tyres. The vast majority of the foot sections are off road though there are limited sections of tarmac in places.

An approximate breakdown of the days activities are as follows. Please note that the times are only a guide – you may wish to alter them / skew them and will depend on your fitness, preference and strategy (or mistakes!). However, the boat window is fixed!

For 12 hours;
  • Stage 1 MTB Approx 4 hours
  • Transition 1 at HQ (Bike to Run) – Your bike and bike kit will be transported to T4
  • Stage 2 Run Approx 1 hour
  • Transition 2 Glasbury (Run to Canoe)
  • Stage 3 Canoe Approx 2 hours
  • Transition 3 (Canoe to Run)
  • Stage 4 Urban Transition Run Approx 10 mins (no CP’s)
  • Transition 4 (Run to Bike)
  • Stage 5 Bike Approx 1 hour
  • Transition 5 (Bike to Run/Hike) Your bike and bike kit transported back to finish.
  • Stage 6 Run / Hike Approx 4 hours
  • Finish!
*Please note that there will be a ‘window of opportunity’ to start the canoe leg. This will be between 13:30 and 14:30 departure time from Transition 2.
  • If you arrive before 1:30 you won’t be allowed on the water.
  • If you arrive after 2:30 you also won’t be allowed on the water and will incur a 200 point penalty.
We very much encourage you to errr on the side of caution!

Pairs / three’s will be in open canoes – Solo's in Sit on Top Kayaks.

For 6 hours;
  • Stage 1 Run or MTB approx. 3 hours
  • Transition 1 at HQ (Bike to Run)
  • Stage 2 Run or MTB approx 3 hour
  • Finish!

    Please note there is no boat stage for the 6 hour race.
Kit List:

Please acknowledge that some sections of your day will incorporate and open hill and some remote sections. With this in mind there is a compulsory kit list:
Compulsory Kit List for everybody!
  • Backpack or suitable means of carrying required kit (as listed below)
  • Food and means of carrying water.
  • T – Shirt, shirt or equivalent.
  • Additional Layer
  • Waterproof / Windproof Jacket / Shell
  • Shorts, leggings, or equivalent.
  • Whistle
  • Compass (which can take bearing) (1 per team or solo)
  • Space Blanket or Emergency Foil Bivy
  • First Aid Kit (1 per team or solo)
  • Footwear with adequate grip for potentially slippery off road conditions.
  • Bike!
  • Bike Helmet.
  • Bike tools, pump, puncture patches, tubes, chain link extractor etc.
  • Map (supplied)
*Please note that whilst the above is compulsory, it and the advisory are by no means exhaustive. Please make sure that you are confident of coping with the conditions and or in the unlikely event of a canoe capsize.
Advisory Kit: (Depending on conditions)
  • Waterproof Trousers (depending on conditions on day)
  • Buff and or Hat
  • Sunscreen (depending on conditions on day)
  • Sunglasses (depending on conditions on day)
  • Bike Gloves Thermal and or fleece top (in addition to compulsory long sleeve top)
  • Hydration tablets or similar
  • Money
  • Mobile Phone
Optional Kit:
  • Spare socks
  • GPS (NOT a substitute for a compass also NOT for NAV folk!  )
  • Camera
  • Whatever you feel will make your experience all the more enjoyable!

These will be marked with a small orange and white orienteering flag. You will have an orienteering stamp card which you will punch with the ‘stamp’ once the control is found, Each control has a unique identity.

Food & Water:

It is up to individuals if they want to add their own hydration supplements to the plain bottled water provided at each transition. Just to clarify; competitors must take care of their own food from the start. This is not a supported event in this respect. Make sure you have enough food to last you the event. There are no facilities which we know of for at least for the first three stages. There may be some options at the end of the canoe leg in Hay on Wye for those not watching the clock.

Water and gels will be available at all transitions.

Kit Boxes:

In short we will transport bike kit only with bikes. At the start transition boxes / bags can be left at Transition 1 as you will return to it after the first bike leg. We will transport your bike and bike related kit to the second bike leg. After the second bike leg is complete (Stage 5) we will return your bike and bike kit back to the finish. Please note that we won’t transport your run kit at any point so you need to make sure that you have it with you (if different from your cycling kit) when you leave Transition 5.

Please help us to help you by having some sort of labelled container or bag to transport your kit rather than loose helmets / shoes etc floating around – Thanks!


If you do retire before completion of the event, please do so either at a checkpoint or inform us of your actions so that you can be accounted for. Please, Please, Please, do not just disappear without notifying a member of the organisation of your actions. We will assume you are missing and send out a search party.

Results & Prizes:

We will announce the leading results & prizes as soon as everybody is in. We suspect this will be around the 21:30 mark.

Food Before & After the race:

Food is available at the local pub - The Three Horse shoes. It is about 15 mins walk from the campsite. Technically they stop serving food at 21:00 but have been most encouraging in try to help us out and thus there may be some options after this time but if you want to arrange something amongst yourselves then give Paul or Jenny a ring on 01497 847304 – they’re great people!

Other options are about 4 mile away in Hay on Wye where there are several food options from pub food to curry house.

Other things and FAQ’s:
  • Be prepared for hills and & Welsh mountain weather!

  • Plenty of food! – 12 hours in the hills and on the river is a big day out!

  • Bring pens / highlighters etc– very useful to mark the map

  • Consider MTB Map holders (Might Contain Nuts have some great ones in stock ) and or also perhaps something to put them in for the run / canoe stage. The maps provided however will be printed on A3 waterproof paper.

  • How will my bike ‘move around’? – We will transport them. As bike geeks ourselves we will do our utmost to keep them in as pristine condition as when they arrive. We have cardboard to pack between them etc but cannot absolutely guarantee that they will remain showroom – but we’ll try our best!
  • Be nice to marshals (they have given up their valuable time to support you) If you do have any grievances then please take that up with the race organisers who will do their best to resolve any problems (Matt or Barry)

  • Remember to smile!